The Simple Childcare Ownership Planner

Ninja, are you ready for success in 2021?

I know I sure am ready for a BIG year!

One thing I know for sure is that  when I start my day off right and I have a plan, it is a great success and I actually make headway and move the needle in my business and life!

The Simple Childcare Ownership Planner will:

  • Inspire you to take action every single day
  • Give you the tools you need to plan ahead easily and effectively
  • Provide a customized planning system to suit Childcare Ninjas and help  grow a business they love 

Plan your month in advance

With the Simple Childcare Ownership Planner you can set your monthly goals, action steps and even see an overview of your month on one page! 

Daily and Weekly Planning

Plan your day hour by hour and be in control of your blocks of time ensuring you are making time for the important things in your business! 

View your week in advance and get inspired with Nyckies weekly motivational quotes

Lifestyle & Meal planning too!

Nothing has been left out of the Simple Childcare Ownership planner, including your shopping list and meal planning too!

Who needs this planner?

If you are a Childcare Business owner that wants to level up in your business and your life, then this planner is for you! This will help give you vision, clarity and most importantly get you taking action on the things that will move your life and business forward! 

About the Creator

Nyckie Brown is the owner of multiple childcares in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  She started Sweet Dreams Childcare out of her home in 2006 with the hopes of being able to sustain her four daughters with a little additional income.  At the time she was working full time as an administrative assistant at a small church and while she loved her job, like lots of single mothers it was a struggle to make ends meet.  So she started offering night time and overnight childcare in her home in October of ‘06. Two months later she was let go of her position at the church and was stuck trying to figure out how to financially maintain her household.


Nyckie had decided that her last position was officially her LAST J-O-B.  She had always been a hard worker but she had resolved that from that day forward she was no longer working hard for others.  At the time she only had a few clients and thought if she found a way to offer her childcare services in a unique way, she could really set herself apart and not have to go back to working for someone else.  So along came the concept of offering 24-hour childcare services from her home. There were few to none in her area and people were beginning to buzz about her evening services. Up went the flyers, some advertising and marketing and wouldn’t you know…over 13 years later, 3 of her 4 daughters have graduated and she is now the owner of multiple childcare facilities, making multiple six figures.  Now Nyckie has made it her mission to help other women, especially single mothers, find ways to transform their childcare businesses into their own empires so that they too can live a successful life and provide for their families. She created Childcare an online membership community created to help aspiring and small childcare owners learn systems and business skills to help grow their childcare businesses. 


“Starting a childcare business can be the catalyst that transforms your family’s future.  It can be started with very little and be grown as large as you are committed to growing it. I want to show women how”


~ Nyckie Brown

Founding Ninja @ Childcare Ninjas  


Start planning your BEST year yet!

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