Launch & Run your Own Childcare Business

Online course for women who are ready to build the childcare business of their dreams and live life on their terms


Does this sound familiar?

You are in a 9-5 that you hate and it's not even covering the bills?


You want to start a business from home, but have no idea where to start?


You are so tired of having no time for you or your family?


You feel that there has to be more to life than this?


It's time to get real and get started! 

Can I be real with you for just one moment, Ninja?

You are amazing, strong and undeniably ready! BUT trying to start a business without the prior knowledge or experience is like navigating a ship blindfolded! No matter how hard you try, you are going to struggle! The bottom line is you need help to start a business, and rather than wasting time figuring out your next step, get the expert knowledge and support you need, and put all your incredible energy into doing the work! Sound good? Trying to figure out how to build a business all by yourself. Just because you’re smart and strong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept help — especially when that help is a way of growing your biz that actually works!

Do you sit hoping and wishing that you can make boatloads of money running a childcare business (or a bunch of them!) without having a plan and strategy to guide you? Again.....navigating the ship blindfolded...might be fun for the first 10 minutes but its not going to get you where you wanna be! 

And yes.... there is sooooooo much free information online BUT there is a reason it's free ninja. It's not a step by step system, it's a free for all circus that will have you running in circle. Trust me, I was there! 

Ninja, I KNOW where you are at... I have been there, and YES there is another way....

If you have decided enough is enough, it is time to create your own future....then read on!


    I am a busy lady! I have multiple businesses to run, children (and grandchildren) to manage, a husband to make time for, friends, family, my all adds up to time! Plus, you also need time for take time out to look after you, and do the things that light you up. This is the best part about running your own business.... I get to do what I want, when I want. I have an amazing team that help me with my businesses and homes, so that I can also have fun and enjoy. This is the flexibility you want. And deserve!


    Sitting around dreaming about the business of your dreams ain't gonna pay the bills! Let's not kid... money is a BIG part of the game, Ninja. You want to love your job, the flexibility, but you also want to not only cover the bills, but also do those amazing things that make life worth living... things like sending your kids to the best schools, buying that car you have always wanted, owning that house, holidays, experiences...all of it! You can have it all! And without the financial stress that comes with it! 


    There is nothing worse than waking up and hating what you do! I am happy and excited to tell you that running your own childcare business is incredibly rewarding, challenge, and so joyful! I get to do what I love, and not one day is the same as the one before! It really is such a blessing and I love every moment of it. I know you will too, Ninja!

Want a sneak peek of what you will find inside?

It doesn't matter where you are at right now in your childcare business...

If you are just starting out and need the step by step process to get you to door-opening and celebrating phase, or, even if you are currently running your own childcare centre but it's not running the way you want it to - efficiently, effectively and profitably...


This course covers every single aspect of starting, running and profiting in a childcare centre. From mindset to marketing, you will find it all here!


There are 4 key capsules in this programme: Mindset, Goals and Planning, Legal Eagle and Setup, and Setup and Go. In these core capsules, there are modules,  videos, workbooks, resources and templates to ensure you have everything you need to open your doors with confidence and pride! 

Your KEY Capsules:

Master your Mindset

Ninja, if you haven't heard...EVERYTHING starts with your mindset. If you do not have this critical piece of the puzzle, all the other pieces just don't fit. In this capsule you will be mastering:


  • Creating a success mindset that sticks
  • Creating an environment for motivation and productivity
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Managing stress and your health
  • Creating structures that ensure lasting success

Goals and Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I am sure you have heard this quote and I love it because it is so true! How can you drive to your destination without a map, Ninja? Eventually you may get there, but you will certainly take ten times longer than those with a simple, step by step map! Hear what I'm saying? Here is what you will find in your planning capsule:


  • Manage your time and prioritization effectively
  • Understanding what is really important
  • Overcoming procrastination once and for all!
  • Learning the importance of reflection
  • Practising flexibility

Legal Eagle

This is just that part of business that isn't a huge heap of fun, but it's gotta get done, Ninja! This is also usually what scares amazing women like you from opening a daycare centre! 
Luckily for you, I have made this super simple so you dont have to stress, you will know everything you need to get your business up and running in no time, including:


  • Research and find the right info, and where to get started.
  • Getting your attorneys and accountants sorted
  • Understanding the small print
  • All you need to know about tax and your business
  • Protecting your investment
  • Building a great team!

Setup and GO!

This is one of my fave capsules, Ninja!! It's almost celebration time as we get our space sorted and get ready to change our lives and the lives of others. This is the final capsule of the course and you are going to learn all about:

  • Get your space all set up and ready for action
  • What you need (and what you don't!)
  • Getting setup on a budget
  • All systems ready...and GO
  • Creating an unforgettable brand
  • Marketing magic and magnetic clients
  • The final countdown!

Everything you need to make it happen!

Whether you are still working full time and this is your side hustle, or you are done with working for a boss and ready to step into the position of CEO, the Childcare Ninjas Phenomenal Foundations course is how you get to the next level. Period.

Hey Ninja!

Great to meet you! Let me tell you a little about how it all started...


I started Sweet Dreams Childcare out of my home in 2006 with the hopes of being able to sustain my four daughters with a little additional income.  At the time I was working full time as an administrative assistant at a small church and while I loved my job, like lots of single mothers, it was a struggle to make ends meet.  

So, I decided to start offering night time and overnight childcare in my own home in October of ‘06. Two months later I was let go of her position at the church and was stuck trying to figure out how to financially maintain my household.

That was the moment I decided that my last position was officially my LAST J-O-B.  I had always been a hard worker but from that day forward I made a promise to myself that I would no longer work for someone else. I am now the BOSS.

At the time I started off with only a few clients. I thought to myself.... Is there a way that I can offer my childcare services in a unique way that can really set me apart from others, ensuring that my clients are happy but in a way that makes me money!  So along came the concept of offering 24-hour childcare services from my home.


There were few to none in my area and people were beginning to buzz about my evening services. Up went the flyers, some advertising and marketing and wouldn’t you know…over 13 years later, 3 of my 4 daughters have graduated and now I am the proud owner of multiple childcare facilities, making multiple six figures.  

It is now my mission to help other women, especially single mothers, find ways to transform their childcare businesses into their own empires so that they too can live a successful life and provide for their families.

Here is where your new chapter begins.

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