Do your Childcare Business Finances overwhelm you?

Imagine having all of your financial templates in one place so that you can run your childcare business simply, efficiently and, most importantly, with passion!

Here is what is included in the Fab Finances bundle:

  • Print or Online: This template pack comes with both Printable and Online templates
  • Financial Overview: Get a complete financial overview of your business with our range of Budget templates
  • Manage your daily finances with ease: Using our daily templates, your childcare business can now run with ease so you can focus on the strategic part of your business! Some of the daily templates include Inventory management, invoice tracking, income, and expense management.
  • Financial goals & cheat sheets: Included in this pack is also a template to map out your financial goals for your business plus some tax and financial tasks cheat sheets and checklists to make running your business a whole lot easier

Your Investment?

Everything you will ever need to manage your finances in your childcare business....all for only $49...

That is less than you probably spend on your monthly coffees!

Hey, Nyckie B here...

I am so super excited that you are here!


Owner of multiple child cares in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  I started Sweet Dreams Childcare out of my home in 2006 with the hopes of being able to sustain my four daughters with a little additional income.  At the time I was working full time as an administrative assistant at a small church and while I loved my job, like lots of single mothers it was a struggle to make ends meet. 


So, I started offering night time and overnight childcare in my home in October of ‘06. Two months later I was let go of my position at the church and was stuck trying to figure out how to financially maintain my household.


I decided right there and then, that the last position was officially my LAST J-O-B.  I have always been a hard worker but I decided from that day forward I was no longer working hard for others.  At the time I only had a few clients and thought if I found a way to offer my childcare services in a unique way, I could really set myself apart and not have to go back to working for someone else. 


So along came the concept of offering 24-hour childcare services from home. There were few to none in my area and people were beginning to buzz about my evening services. Up went the flyers, some advertising, and marketing, and wouldn’t you know…over 13 years later, 3 of my 4 daughters have graduated and I am now the owner of multiple childcare facilities, making multiple six figures.